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"Flee!" screamed the murderer, and lowering his head he

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'Under the circumstances,' said John, 'putting in no water was the best thing he could do.'

'Ay,' said Arthur, 'a pretty fellow you for a West Indian proprietor, to consume neither sugar nor cigars.'

'At this rate,' said John, 'they are the people to consume nothing. There was such an account of the Barbuda property the other day, that my father is thinking of going to see what is to be done with it.'

'No bad plan for your next winter,' said Arthur. 'Now, Violet, to your sofa! You have brewed your female potion in your female fashion, and may surely leave your betters to pour it out.'

'No, indeed! How do I know what you may serve us up?' said she, quite revived with laughing. 'I won't give up my place.'

'Quite right, Violet,' said John, 'don't leave me to his mercy. Last time he made tea for me, it consisted only of the other ingredient, hot water, after which I took the law into my own hands for our mutual benefit. Pray what became of him after I was gone?'

'I was obliged to have him up into my room, and give him his tea properly there, or I believe he would have existed on nothing but cigars.'

'Well, I shall have some opinion of you when you make him leave off cigars.'

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