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thrust into the arena, unarmed, in company with a burly

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'He has gone through a great deal, and when she tries to make him go out, he only goes down to smoke. You would do a great deal of good if you were there.'

thrust into the arena, unarmed, in company with a burly

Theodora would not reply. For Arthur to ask her to come and be godmother was the very thing she wished; but she would not offer at John's bidding, especially when Arthur was more than ever devoted to his wife; so she made no sign; and John repented of having said so much, thinking that, in such a humour, the farther she was from them the better.

thrust into the arena, unarmed, in company with a burly

Yet what he had said might have worked, had not a history of the circumstances of Violet's illness come round to her by way of Mrs. Nesbit. John had told his father; Lord Martindale told his wife; Lady Martindale told her aunt, under whose colouring the story reached Theodora, that Arthur's wife had been helpless and inefficient, had done nothing but cry over her household affairs, could not bear to be left alone, and that the child's premature birth had been occasioned by a fit of hysterics because Arthur had gone out fishing. No wonder Theodora pitied the one brother, and thought the other infatuated. To write to Arthur was out of the question; and she could only look forward to consoling him when the time for London should come. Nor was she much inclined to compassionate John, when, as he said, the east wind--as his aunt said, the London fog--as she thought, the Rickworth meadows--brought on such an accession of cough that he was obliged to confine himself to his two rooms, where he felt unusually solitary.

thrust into the arena, unarmed, in company with a burly

She went in one day to carry him the newspaper. 'I am writing to Arthur,' he said, 'to tell him that I shall not be able to be in London next Sunday; do you like to put in a note?'

He paused and looked at her. 'I wish you would write,' he said. 'Arthur has been watching eagerly for your congratulation.'

'He does not give much encouragement,' said Theodora, moving to the door.

'I wish he was a letter writer! After being so long with them, I don't like hearing nothing more; but his time has been so much engrossed that he could hardly have written at first. I believe the first letter he looked for was from you.'

'I don't know what to say. Other people have said all the commonplace things.'

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