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The jailer shrugged. "But it is already done," he said.

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'Not exactly that,' said Violet, 'but he is much improved, and so bright and clever.'

The jailer shrugged.

'You will let us see him after dinner?'

The jailer shrugged.

'I have been looking forward to it very much, but he will be asleep, and you won't see his pretty ways and his earnest dark eyes.'

The jailer shrugged.

'I long to see the sweet child,' said Miss Marstone. 'I dote on such darlings. I always see so much in their countenances. There is the germ of so much to be drawn out hereafter in those deep looks of thought.'

'My baby often looks very intent.'

'Intent on thoughts beyond our power to trace!' said Miss Marstone.

'Ah! I have often thought that we cannot fathom what may be passing in a baby's mind,' said Emma.

'With its fixed eyes unravelling its whole future destiny!' said Miss Marstone.

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