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"They start upon the ides of August," replied Cassius Hasta.

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She was returning to her full self, with all her submission to his will, and in fact she did not wish for any change; her content in his attention was so complete, so peaceful, that in her state of weakness there was an instinctive dread of breaking the charm. To lie still, her babe beside her, and Arthur watching her, was the perfect repose of felicity, and imperceptibly her faculties were, one by one, awakening. Her thoughtfulness for others had revived; Arthur had been giving her some nourishment, and, for the first time, she had taken it with a relish, when it so chanced that the light fell for a moment on his face, and she was startled by perceiving the effects of anxiety and want of sleep. In vain he assured her there was nothing the matter. She accused herself of having been exacting and selfish, and would not be comforted, till he had promised to take a good night's rest. He left her, at length, nearly asleep, to carry the tidings to his brother, and enjoy his look of heart-felt rejoicing. Never had the two very dissimilar brothers felt so much drawn together; and as John began, as usual, to wait on him, and to pour out his coffee, he said, as he sat down wearied, 'Thank you, John, I can't think what would have become of me without you!'

'My father would have come to you if I had not been here.'

'Where's his letter?--I forgot all about it. Is there none from Theodora?"

'No; I suppose she waited for further accounts.'

Arthur began reading his father's letter. 'Very kind! a very kind letter indeed,' said he, warmly. '"Earned so high a place in our regard--her sweetness and engaging qualities,"--I must keep that to show her. This is very kind too about what it must be to me. I did not think he had appreciated her so well!'

'Yes, indeed, he did,' said John. 'This is what he says to me. "Never have I seen one more gentle and engaging, and I feel sure she would have gained more on our affections every day, and proved herself a treasure to the family."'

'That is right,' said Arthur. 'He will get to know her well when they come to London! I'll write to him to-morrow, and thank him, and say, no need for him to come now! "Hopes his grandson will live to be a comfort to me!"' and Arthur could not help laughing.

'Well, I am not come to that yet!'

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